Developer Info

To get started developing you obviously need git installed. You can make changes in your local directory, and if you make a change that you think is substantial and general enough that others would be interested you can “push” the change using git (see the git tutorial). If you are going to submit a change, please update the version number in catmap/ (see version == x.x.x). The first number in the version is used for major changes, and a 0 represents code which is still not completely stable. The second number represents moderate changes (significant new functionality added), and the final number corresponds to the git submission number. The final number is the most annoying to update, since you need to change it every time before you submit. In order to make this slightly easier you can use the following script:

from subprocess import Popen, PIPE

output = Popen(['git', 'rev-list', 'HEAD','--count'],stdout=PIPE)
rev =
init = open('catmap/')
init_txt =
new_txt = []
for li in init_txt.split('\n'):
    if '__version__' in li:
        oldversion = li.rsplit('.',1)[0]
        newversion = oldversion + '.' + rev + '"'

new_init = '\n'.join(new_txt)
init = open('catmap/','w')

message = raw_input('Submit message:')
os.system('git commit -am "'+message+'"')
os.system('git push')

Place the script in the base directory of the project and run it with python. If anyone knows a better way of keeping the version number synchronized I am open to suggestions.